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AOC is a full service provider for pipe instruments, established in 1969 beginning with a repair and partial restoration of the Welte Mignon organ at Scotties Castle in Death Valley, CA.  On conclusion of the project "Scotties" was incorporated in the National Park Service of Death Valley National Monuments.

AOC provides, tonal finishing of existing instruments, mechanical repair, electric and electronic system integration.  Repairs, additions, restoration, and hybrid systems and tunings.

Many instrument today are hybrids due to economics and serviceability.  The higher pitches drift at a fast rate than the lower pitches or longer pipes and need more "touch ups".  The larger pipes, i.e. lower pitch notes, are more expensive if for now other reason than material costs.  The hybrid or pipe augmented electronic instrument is gaining favor.  The hybrid instrument also provides many advantages for the addition of voices and other instruments to the console control.  AOC can provide several alternatives for your present instrument, pipe or electronic.

The organ is under going a modern renovation and can provide many diverse, instruments, ensembles and choruses of sounds for today's modern, contemporary, and classical needs for your congregation.


7218 Demo for client at South Charleston shop

Van parked in front of the construction shop

Central Christian Ch.

Installation of Saville Opus 2286. Installation of speaker pipe front cabinets for chior and swell divisions.

Congregational Chruch, Morgantown

Installation Congregational Chruch Saville 7218

Artis Organs Opus 2

Construction of Opus 2, 4 rank and pedal

Oak Hill UMC

Voice adjustment and tuning of Link & Brothers 8 rank organ.

Oak Hill UMC

Console repair of contacts and adjustment

Opus 2

Opus 2

Construction and fabrication

Opus 2, 2' Octave

Artis Organ Co Plackard for Opus 2


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Denver, Colorado


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